(for recyclables and secondary fuel)

For the processing and marketing of secondary raw materials or secondary fuel quality assurance is crucial. As a prerequisite for incineration in power plants or cement kilns, secondary fuels have to meet both, technical and legal requirements. The quality assurance must guarantee a consistent quality of the secondary fuels as well as low pollutant contents. A reliable sampling procedure is essential to control the relevant parameters and characteristics of secondary fuel.

The quality assurance is an integral part of the whole production process. Within the conception phase the relevant material flows, parameters and quality targets are to be defined. The development of a sampling plan is an important module of the quality assurance system.. The sampling plan determines when, how and how often samples are to be taken to provide a reliable characterisation of the material flows. After sampling a QS-evaluation system calculates the parameters and compares the results with the target values.

The quality assurance for secondary raw materials or secondary fuel is a new part of our profile. We possess extensive knowledge in the fields of sampling, processing of samples, analysis and statistical evaluation.