(Optimisation of technical processes in waste treatment facilities)

The development of a modern waste management system lead to the application of various waste treatment options and as such, to a large amount of waste treatment facilities. The legal frame conditions will fortify this development within the next 15 to 20 years. The term waste treatment comprises a number of different processes, including mechanical separation processes, biological and thermal treatment operations. Many of these processes have been adapted from minerally and mining activities. Due to economic reasons, a separate development of waste specific operations did not take place up to now. The process analysis aims to check existing facilities for their efficiency and for potential optimisations.

The first step of a process analysis is to record all relevant waste specific and facility specific data of the waste treatment facility. A comprehensive waste balance is to be compiled to enable the evaluation of the single treatment processes (Waste Balances). The material flows are described in a quantitative (Waste Analyses) and qualitative manner (Sampling, Analysis, Quality Assurance). In addition the technical specifications of the treatment facility are recorded e.g. flow rate, energy use etc. Finally, the result of the process analysis represents the basic evaluation of the treatment operation. ARGUS will develop and advise optimisation concepts on demand. The process analysis should be financed by reduction of the operational costs, as a result of the optimisation process.

The process analysis for secondary raw materials as well as refuse derived fuel has recently been included in our company profile. We possess outstanding expertise in sampling, sorting and processing of samples as well as in sample analysis and data evaluation. The technical evaluation procedures will be conducted by our partner institute at the Technical University of Berlin.