(Supervision of waste management measures)

Monitoring of ecological, technical and economic parameters is an integral part of environmental policy in general and waste management in particular. It is regularly used:

  • to verify the effectiveness of waste management (in the public as well as in the private sector),
  • to prove the achievement of legally required recovery rates (as stipulated for instance in the Packaging Directive, WEEE Directive or Directive on end-of-life vehicles), or
  • for quality management of own services and products.

Efficient monitoring collects the targeted information with the necessary accuracy at minimum costs. This requires a well adapted and standardised plan for data collection and evaluation. Sampling procedures might be a useful means to reduce costs. Usually it is advisable to deploy data processing tools for recurrent working steps.

ARGUS assists in the development and implementation of monitoring systems. Our services comprise all steps from planning to data collection and evaluation, and the development of evaluation tools.

Selected references
1.   Database on Packaging and Packaging Waste in Romania
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      Street Cleaning Services