(at municipal and at operational level)

Information systems on waste are capable of picturing complex waste management issues by means of data base systems. A data base system can save, administer and reproduce all kind of data and information. On a municipal or regional level, information systems on waste are often integral part of a comprehensive environmental information system. They support administrative routine procedures as well as reporting obligations. Within enterprises, information systems on waste are part of the superordinated environment management system. Information systems on waste are an appropriate tool to optimise operational workflows and to reduce disposal cost.

ARGUS is usually performing waste information systems as multi phase concepts. Depending on their extent and complexity, single phases can be combined. During the planning phase, the rough conception and the technical fine conception will be set up. The subsequent implementation phase includes the practical implementation of the fine conception up to the initial start up.

Selected references:
1.   EDP system to support the planning for the restoration of the premise of a tar factory
2.   EDP system for the annual waste balance in the State of Brandenburg
3.   DV-System zur Qualitätssicherung der Straßenreinigung